15.7. 2015

We are on Magiccardmarket.eu! Check our stock: www.magiccardmarket.eu/Products/Singles/Yummy+Tokens

3.7. 2015

You can find our tokens at GP Lille at Cartapappa booth!

28.5. 2015

We are heading Grand Prix in Utrecht. Find us to check out our Yummy Tokens and grab the freshest promo Soldier.


Olé! We just have printed second run of Series1!


We're giving out our promo tokens on Grand Prix Paris. Come and find us!


Our tokens are available for sale at Grand Prix Krakow. Check them out on Cerny Rytir booth.


First print run for Series 1 is out! We put 30 uncut sheets aside for future use. Look forward to our gifts and special promo items on the upcoming tournaments.

9. 4. 2015

We got very first test samples printed. They look amazing!